Taylor Adam – Cocktail Bar in Singapore

You can find Taylor Adam, a popular cocktail bar in Singapore, from within One Raffles Place (1 Raffles Place).

The place is an exclusive speakeasy cocktail bar discreetly tucked away in the bustling heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD).

As you step into what appears to be a traditional tailor shop, a world of enchantment unfolds.

Taylor Adam - Cocktail Bar in Singapore - One Raffles Place.

Are you scheduled for a fitting? Well, the fitting room in this tailor-shop-like haven holds the key to an extraordinary secret—an elegant and sophisticated bar that transcends time.

Behind the curtains of the fitting room lies a realm of timeless elegance, where mixology is elevated to an art form, and culinary tales unfold.

Taylor Adam invites you to experience a hidden haven where cocktails are masterpieces and dishes tell captivating stories.

As you sink into luxurious leather chairs, the atmosphere exudes an air of refinement, transporting you to an unforgettable realm of sensory delight.

Bespoke Cocktails & Culinary Chronicles from Around the World

At the bar, the experience is not just about drinking and dining; it’s about embarking on a journey of flavors inspired by the tales of trade and travel.

Cocktail Bar in Singapore - Taylor Adam.

The ever-evolving menus showcase a perfect balance of traditional and modern influences, straight from the heart of Italy.

Each sip and bite is carefully curated to transport you to a place where sophistication meets indulgence.

Become a Member: Privileged Access to Elegance

For those seeking an elevated experience, Taylor Adam offers an exclusive membership program.

As a member, you gain privileged access to monthly events, complimentary masterclasses, exclusive discounts with every visit, and indulgent tastings that are truly distinctive.

Membership is not just about enjoying the finest cocktails and culinary creations; it’s about being part of a community that appreciates the art of refinement.

Book a Private Event: Step into Elegance, Be Part of the Legacy

Nestled discreetly in Singapore, Taylor Adam opens its doors for sophisticated events that leave a lasting impression.

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a cocktail soirée, an anniversary, a corporate gathering, or any private event, the cocktail bar provides a refined space for memorable occasions.

The legacy of elegance and sophistication is woven into every event hosted at this hidden gem.

In conclusion, Taylor Adam is more than just a speakeasy cocktail bar — it’s a sanctuary of refined tastes, elegant gatherings, and bespoke experiences.

Taylor Adam Cocktail Bar.

Step into this hidden haven, where the fitting room unveils a world of enchantment, and let sophistication become your guide to an unforgettable journey of sensory delights.

Taylor Adam – Cocktail Bar in Singapore
1 Raffles Place, #01-03, One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616
Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday 5pm-12midnight, Thursday-Friday 5pm-1am, Saturday 5pm-12midnight

One of the best ways to learn more about Taylor Adam cocktail bar in Singapore is their official Facebook page at facebook.com/tayloradam.sg/.

The bar also has an official Instagram channel at instagram.com/tayloradam.sg/.