Escapade with Teafolia – Dine-in Cafe in Singapore

Escapade with Teafolia dine-in cafe in Singapore operates within Bukit Merah district, at 37 Kampong Bahru Road.

The outlet specialises in offering authentic, homemade freshly brewed fruit teas, milk teas, as well as acai and keto menu.

Escapade with Teafolia - Dine-in Cafe in Singapore.

As a dine-in cafe, the menu also features a range of delicious cakes and desserts like ice-creams & waffles, smoothies, gourmet coffees, special hot drinks and hot meals, such as duck confit and even Swedish meatballs.

Escapade with Teafolia – Dine-in Cafe in Singapore
37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169356
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-9pm, Saturday 11:30am-6pm

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You can also follow their official Instagram page at that is updated with details about the available menu items, changes to the opening hours, promotional offers, and much more.