Teck Cheong Hardware – Power Tools in Singapore

There are three Teck Cheong Hardware stores available, each great places to buy power tools in Singapore, with one of the locations being at Woodland Industrial Park (71 Woodland Industrial Park E9).

With a history going back to 1945, the company is today one of the leading authorized dealers for several leading power tools brands such as Bosch, Makita, Skil, Dremel, AEG Milwaukee and many more.

Visiting one of the shops, you can find products from categories including power tools & accessories, measuring tools, security & office, painting & chemicals, sanitary & plumbing, equipment, security & office, as well as safety products.

Robust Deer RTA - 28 DIY Hand Tool Kit - Teck Cheong Hardware.

For power tools in particular, the main product sub-categories are power drills & drivers, wrenches, rotary hammers, demolition hammers, grinders, blowers, heat guns, saw machines, sanders, polishers, planers & routers, multi-cutters, laser measurement, vacuum cleaners, power saws, glue guns, as well as combo kits.

BOSCH GDS 18V-EC Impact Wrench Kit - Teck Cheong Hardware Store in Singapore.

BOSCH GDS 18V-EC Impact Wrench Kit.

If you’re looking for power tool accessories, they are available at the hardware stores for combination kits, screw & driver bits, saw blades, grinds & sands, precision tools, batteries & chargers, drill bits, demolition chisels, band & hole saws, polishes & buffs, plus router bits.

Teck Cheong Hardware – Locations & Opening Hours – Power Tools in Singapore

Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park Blk 5022
Blk 5022 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #01-29
Singapore 569525
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm, Saturday 8am-12:30pm

Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park Blk 5024
Blk 5024 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #01-83
Singapore 569527
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm, Saturday 8am-12:30pm

Woodland Industrial Park – WAVE9 Building
71 Woodland Industrial Park E9, #01-11, WAVE9 Building
Singapore 757048
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm, Saturday 8am-12:30pm

As popular places to purchase power tools in Singapore, Teck Cheong Hardware stores keep in touch with their customer base via social media channels, like Facebook at facebook.com/teckcheonghwe/.

You can also follow the company’s official Instagram page at instagram.com/tc_hub/.

Product Categories at the Stores

Power Tools: power drills & drivers, wrench, rotary hammer, demolition hammer, grinder, blower, heat gun, saw machine, sander, polisher, planer & router, multi-cutter, laser measurement, vacuum cleaner, power saw, glue gun, combo kit, others.

Power Tool Accessories: combination kits, screw & driver bits, saw blades, grind & sand, precision tools, battery & charger, drill bits, demolition chisel, band & hole saw, polish & buff, router bits, others.

Outdoor & Garden: garden power tool, pressure cleaner, sprinkler & sprayer, shovel & spade, water pump system, outdoor equipment, hose reel, accessories, garden shears, pest control, timer system.

Hand Tool: tool kit, plier & wrench, chisel, file & scraper, cutter & saw, electrical, measurement, others, screw driver & spanner, ratchets & socketry, stapler & riveter, hammers & mallets, mechanical, taps & dies.

Storage & Handling: tool box & organizer, push cart & trolley, hydraulic jacks, chain blocks, ladder & platform, wheel castors, ropes & chains, winch & hoist.

Safety & PPE: helmet, respirators, safety vest / apparel, safety boots, fall prevention, fire extinguisher, ear muff & plugs, safety eyewear, safety gloves, skin care, sign & barricade, first aid.

Testing & Precision: torque wrench, multimeter tester, thermal & infrared, laser level, lab equipment, detectors.

Sanitary & Plumbing: instant heater, shower head, bidet, pipe & tubing, plumbing tool & equipment, heater tank, closet, faucet & tap, valve & fitting.

Machinery: heavy machinery, magnetic drill, band saw, bench grinder, industrial pump, coring machine, bench drill press.

Pneumatic Tools: air compressor, air tools, coupler, accessories.

Welding & Hot Works: brazing & torching, welding tools, welding machine, welding rods, regulators, soldering tools.

Construction – Teck Cheong Hardware – Power Tools in Singapore: construction tools, cement works, tile works, suction lifter, industrial materials.

Paints & Chemicals: paint & coating, painting tool, sealant, lubricants / oils, chemical & solvent, painting equipment, glue / adhesive, putty / fillers, cleaners / soaps.

Electrical & Installation: hand torch, work light, cable & adapter, electrical fittings, industrial & vent fans.

Hardware & Consumable: tapes, screws, bolts & nuts, nails & rivets, abrasives, packing supplies, wall plugs & anchors.

Household Products: floor care, cleaning agent, kitchen ware, rack & shelf, others.

Security & Office: lock, digital lock, door hardware, office supplies.

Automotive Products: car care products, automotive accessories, automotive tools.

Brands Available at the Teck Cheong Hardware Stores – Power Tools in Singapore

Acesafet, AEG, Aiwo, Allpro, Amax, Apexon, Araldite, Ars Japan, Autosol, B & N, Bac Hose Clip, Bahco, Balma Compressor, Bessey, Black & Decker, Blossom Lock, Bona, Bondhus, Bosch, Bosun, Brain, Brasso, Breeze, Britz, Carborundum, Castrol, Cayken, Chairo Lock, Champs, Channellock, Combat, Comeup, Cosco Ladder, Cougar Paint, Crown…

…D & D, Dab Pump, Devon, Dewalt, Dong Cheng, Dong Ya Tools, Dorma, Dow Corning, Dremel, Dt England, Dunlop Adhesive, Easypump, Ebisu Diamond, Eclipse Tool, Energizer, Erico Caddy, Eveready, Extech, Fiac Air Compressor, Fluke, Fujida, G-Tech, Giken, Gojo, Goo Gone, Goodman, Goot Japan, Gorilla Glue, Green Life, Hans Tool…

…Haupon, Hilti, Hioki Japan, Hit Tools, Hitachi, Honeywell, Hozelock, Hunter, Hunter Tools, Innovare, Invisible Glass, Irwin, Ishii Tools, Jetech Tools, Ji Paint Brush, Joven, Kamaki, Kansai Paint, Kanzawa, Karcher, Kds Japan, Kinbar, King Power, King Tony, Kings Safety, Knipex Tools, Kobelco, Ktc Tools, Kyoritsu Measurment…

…Kyowa, Legrand, Lenox, Loctite, Lps Tapmatic, Lubben, M10 Tools, Magic, Majesta, Makita, Makita Mt Series, Mano, Mars, Masterplug, Maxclaw, Melco, Metalis, Milwaukee, Mitsubishi, Mitutoyo, Mk Electric, Mokuba Japan, Morris, Motsenbocker Lift Off, Mtc Japan, Multi-Fix, Nagoya, Narita, Nelon Lock, Nilfisk, Nippon Paint, Nitti, Nitto…

…Noritake, Nt Cutter, Onca, Opt, Orex, Osp, Otter Safety, Prestar, Projobber, Prosper, Puma Pneumatic, Qin, Quiadsa, Rapid Tools, Red Leaf Stationery, Rheem, Rigid Tools, Rj London, Robust Deer, Rongyunn, Ryobi, Saboten Japan, Samsung, Sanwa Japan, Selleys, Shinto, Shinwa Japan, Showy, Shuter, Sikaflex, Siroflex, Skc Hand Tap…

…Skyhawk, Src Rivet, Stanley, Star-M, Steve & Leif, Stoner Car Care, Sun City, Sunflag, Super Tool Japan, Tajima, Takagi Japan, Tc Hub, Tenax, Theben, Tiger, Toku Tools, Top Kogyo, Topman, Toyo, Toyogo, Toyu Pallet Jack, Tq Laser, Trad, Tsurumi Pump, Union Abrasive, Uvex, Veribor, Vessel, Vicplas, Viro Lock, Vital Japan, Volkel, Wacker…

…Wd40, Weicon, Weiman, Wera Tools, Wesser, Wiga Tools, Wind Speed (WS), Worx, Yama, Yamato, Yamawa Industrial, Yamayo, Zebra, 3M, 3peaks, 707.