The Maple Mania – Maple Butter Cookies in Singapore

To enjoy Japanese maple butter cookies in Singapore, one of the best options is The Maple Mania, which operates at ION Orchard mall (2 Orchard Turn).

Established in 2013 within the iconic Tokyo Station railway station’s underground shopping and dining area, Gransta, in Tokyo, Japan, the company offers cookies, cakes, and other desserts inspired by America’s Golden Age (1950s).

America’s Golden Age was a period of time when culture and arts boomed with iconic music and film, as a bright, vibrant, and dream-filled era.

Maple Butter Cookies in Singapore - The Maple Mania.

This period is reflected in the company hero mascot, a American boy who loves mischief and maple sweets, and keeps a bottle of maple syrup with him.

Each sweet item offered by the outlet contains a sense of play, adventure, mischief and nostalgia – a hark back to a simpler, happier time – to allow customers remember the sense of wonder they felt as children, for the sweetness of the maple to bring back their sweet childhood memories.

The Maple Mania Singapore.

Bestselling item on the shop’s menu are the wonderfully delicious Maple Butter Cookies (a fine blend of maple sugar, butter and chocolate filling), with more than 6 million pieces sold each year in Japan.

You can also purchase Maple Baumkuchen, made from a recipe that originally comes from Germany, multilayered cakes that resemble a ring, as well as Maple Financier desserts, made with maple syrup all the way from Quebec, Canada, and inspired by the original French style dessert fare.

The Maple Mania - ION Orchard - Maple Butter Cookies in Singapore.

The bakery shop outlet at ION Orchard has been open to customers since November 2017.

The Maple Mania ION Orchard – Maple Butter Cookies in Singapore
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-K2, ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

As a popular destination shop for Japanese maple butter cookies in Singapore, the store keeps in touch with their local customers via social media, including Facebook at

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