The NCO Club in Singapore

You can discover The NCO Club in Singapore as part of the JW Marriott Hotel South Beach, at 32 Beach Road.

Located within a conserved architectural heritage building that originally housed the NAAFI Britannia Club in the 1950s, the three-story entertainment lifestyle destination within Singapore’s art and culture district features a range of popular restaurants & bars.

Operating with the slogan ‘Embrace The Past, Reimagine The Present‘, the entertainment lifestyle complex is home to Madame Fan restaurant, Madame Fan Bar, Cool Cats, Fish Pool, as well as Stags’ Room.

The NCO Club in Singapore.

Madame Fan, a concept created by celebrity restaurateur Alan Yau, offers modern, bold Cantonese flavors and an exciting, passionate ambience.

Madame Fan Signature Dishes.

Part of the services at the restaurant is Madame Fan Bar, a cocktail bar where you can taste imaginative, masterfully crafted “East Meets West” cocktail flavors.

Madame Fan Bar in Singapore - The NCO Club.

Madame Fan Bar.

Cool Cats, meanwhile, is a live music lounge where you can experience performances by international artistes while exploring a cocktail menu inspired by jazz music history.

Another top draw at the lifestyle entertainment complex is Fish Pool Champagne & Oyster Bar, where the highlights include Champagne, caviars, and fresh oysters, all set against the backdrop of an Olympic-standard diving pool.

Finally, Stags’ Room is a private wine reserve & an intimate and lush wine tasting lounge, where guests can participate in a journey into new world wines from America and Australia.

In summary here are some of the things you can do at the place:

  • Dine at Madame Fan: This lifestyle-dining Cantonese restaurant offers a modern take on traditional Cantonese cuisine.
  • Enjoy cocktails at Cool Cats: This swanky live music lounge showcases inventive cocktail creations paired with dazzling, refined entertainment.
  • Indulge in fresh seafood at Fish Pool: This raw bar with mermaid performance set against the stunning backdrop of an Olympic-standard Diving Pool offers premium seafood showcased three ways – sashimi, crudo and ceviche, complemented by creative cocktails inspired by the tropics and the spectacular underwater mermaid performance.
  • Have a drink at Stags’ Room: This intimate bar offers an extensive selection of whiskies and craft beers.

The NCO Club in Singapore
32 Beach Road, JW Marriott Hotel South Beach
Singapore 189764

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