The Populus Coffee & Food Co. in Singapore

The Populus Coffee & Food Co. in Singapore is located within Tanjong Pagar, at 146 Neil Road.

Visiting the gastro-cafe at 146 Neil Road, you’ll discover a menu of contemporary dishes that draws influences and flavors from all over the world.

To complement the food, you can order from 2 Degrees North Coffee Co.’s line up of seasonal specialty coffees, exquisite teas by Tea Bone Zen Mind, and artisanal hot chocolate by Mörk Chocolate.

The Populus Coffee & Food Co. in Singapore.

Furthermore, on weekends, 146 Neil Road gastro-cafe‘s lounge (at Level 2) is open, providing a great destination to chill out with loved ones.

The Populus Coffee & Food Co. meal, available in Singapore.

The Populus Coffee & Food Co. in Singapore
146 Neil Road
Singapore 088875
Opening Hours: Monday-Tuesday 9am-6:30pm, Wednesday-Saturday 9am-9:30pm, Sunday 9am-6:30pm

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Example Choices from The Populus Coffee & Food Co. Gastro-cafe Menu

THE POPULUS Scramble: This is a hearty and healthy scramble with fresh herbs, feta cheese, and turkey bacon. The scrambled eggs are soft and creamy, and the feta cheese adds a salty and tangy flavor. The turkey bacon is a good source of protein, and the whole-wheat toast provides fiber.

Avocado SUPERFOOD Green Platter: This is a nutrient-rich platter with kale, broccoli, spinach, avocado, cottage cheese, feta, pumpkin seeds, dukkah, mixed grains, and multigrain bread. The avocado is a good source of healthy fats, and the other vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The cottage cheese and feta cheese are also good sources of protein.

Buckwheat Pancakes: These fluffy pancakes are made with buckwheat flour, which is a gluten-free and high-protein flour. They are topped with mixed berry compote, passionfruit curd, cornflake crumb, maple syrup, and flowers. The berries are a good source of antioxidants, and the maple syrup adds a sweet and sticky flavor.

Populus All Day Big Breakky: This is a hearty and satisfying breakfast with poached eggs, aerated hollandaise, potato rosti, mixed mushrooms, seasonal greens, homemade baked beans, and your choice of chicken bratwurst sausage or Norwegian smoked salmon. The poached eggs are cooked to perfection, and the hollandaise sauce is rich and creamy. The potato rosti is a crispy and flavorful side dish, and the mushrooms add a earthy and umami flavor. The baked beans are a classic comfort food, and the chicken bratwurst sausage or Norwegian smoked salmon provides protein and flavor.

Halibut & Leek: This is a seafood dish that is both flavorful and healthy. The halibut is cooked to perfection and is flaky and moist, and the leeks add a mild and oniony flavor. The creamy garlic and dill sauce is rich and flavorful.

Tuscan Lamb Harissa Baked Egg: This is a savory and satisfying dish with rich tomato sauce, slow-roasted Tuscan lamb, soft-cooked egg, Greek yogurt, sumac, fresh lime, and ciabatta. The tomato sauce is tangy and flavorful, and the lamb is tender and flavorful. The soft-cooked egg adds richness and protein, and the Greek yogurt and sumac provide a tangy and refreshing flavor. The fresh lime adds a bright and citrusy flavor, and the ciabatta is a good source of fiber.

Niko Neko Ajisai Matcha Lava Cake: This is a unique and flavorful dessert that features a rich matcha lava cake with premium vanilla bean ice cream and raspberry coulis. The matcha lava cake is molten on the inside and has a crispy exterior. The ice cream adds a refreshing and creamy flavor, and the raspberry coulis adds a sweet and tart flavor.

Homemade Tarts & Cakes: This is a great option for those who want to try something different. The tarts and cakes are made with fresh ingredients and are sure to please any palate.