The Spin Pod – Spinning Gym in Singapore (CLOSED)

The Spin Pod spinning gym in Singapore is located at Changi City Point mall (5 Changi Business Park Central 1). (UPDATE 2023: THE GYM HAS CLOSED)

A concept created by The Gym Pod, the outlet is an automated container gym offering on-demand, virtually streamed 30 and 45 minute indoor cycling classes 24/7.

The class-based fitness centre container pod features a wide variety of virtual spin classes, a selection that caters to all difficulty levels: whether you are spinning for the first time or are an experienced spinner.

The Spin Pod - Spinning Gym in Singapore.

Doing the indoor cycling classes in such a compact space, with capacity for max 2 pax at a time, each workout gives an intense & effective ‘front-row’ feel to the exercise.

Overall, spin classes are proven ways to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, not to mention that one of the multiple benefits is that the workout will make you feel good.

Spinning Gym in Singapore - The Spin Pod.

To book a class, which are streamed on a 24/7 basis, you need to first download the official The Gym Pod app to your phone.

Then, opening the app, you’ll need to search the calendar to book your preferred available spin class, date & time (up to 14 days in advance).

For the exercise session, you can choose between virtual reality immersions and intensive HIIT workouts with professional instructors. You can book a single bike or the entire pod (max 2 pax).

Spinning Classes in Singapore.

Of the workouts, The Trip (45 minutes, rated 3/5 difficulty), a physically challenging choice that is perfect for beginners, features upbeat electronic music taking you through a journey of various augmented reality sceneries.

RPM workout (30 or 45 minutes, rated 4/5 difficulty), meanwhile, will challenge with a variety of sprints, hills, interval training, and more.

The most challenging workout, however, is called Sprint (30 minutes, 5/5 Difficulty), a HIIT session with, for example, long & short sprints and power circuits.

If you use the pod regularly for your private spin classes, to save money, you can book the single-entry passes for off-peak hours (Monday-Sunday midnight-7am) and you should also check out the affordable monthly plans (with off-peak pricing for all your classes and reservations up to 30 days in advance).

Finally in the booking process, you make a payment to confirm the booking, with all major debit & credit cards accepted.

When it’s time for your workout session, a ‘Door Open‘ button in The Gym Pod mobile app will unlock the pod’s door.

Proceed to set up your bike, as in 5 minutes, the lights will turn off, the screen will turn off, and the class will automatically begin.

When you’re done with the spin class at the container gym, the projector, the lights and the air conditioning will automatically turn off. To exit the pod, simply push a button beside the door to open it.

The Spin Pod – Spinning Gym in Singapore (UPDATE 2023: THE GYM HAS CLOSED)
5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Changi City Point (just outside of the mall)
Singapore 486038

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