The Tiramisu Hero – Dessert Cafe in Singapore

The Tiramisu Hero, a great dessert cafe in Singapore, in business since 2012, operates within Kallang district, at 121 Tyrwhitt Road.

As the name suggests, the cafe has special expertise in tiramisu, which translates from Italian as “pick me up“, a timeless classic Italian dessert that is rich yet moist & light at the same time.

If you want to experience tiramisu in a variety of ways, this is the place to visit, as the cafe offers the classic dessert in a range of flavours.

The Tiramisu Hero Cafe - Best Tiramisu in Singapore.

For deliveries and pre-orders, the cafe’s recipe approach allows for a customisation of the tiramisu alcohol content, sweetness and wetness levels, plus other variations of the dessert – each made with different flavours infused into the rich mascarpone cream cheese.

Available flavours include, for example, Kaya (a concoction of pandan and coconut), Original (traditional Italian tiramisu made from the combination of espresso and alcohol), Chocolate (featuring semi-sweet dark chocolates)…

PapaHero Tiramisu Singapore.

PapaHero Tiramisu (tri-flavoured jar tiramisu – Hojicha on top, Chocolate in the middle, and Original at the bottom).

Oreo (with the all-time favourite cookies and cream), Lemon Lavender (combination of fresh lemon juice and lavender flowers), Cinnamon, Matcha (top grade green tea powder from Japan with a fragrant & bittersweet aftertaste), Baileys, and Mango.

The ways to customise your choice of tiramisu further includes choosing your desired wetness, alcohol, and sweetness levels. However, alcohol level adjustment is not available for Strawberry, Matcha, Lemon Lavender, Kaya, Durian, Baileys and Cinnamon flavor.

As a dessert cafe, the food menu also contains highlights such as Sir Antonio Mega Breakfast – All Day Breakfast (bacon, seared tomato, sourdough bun, salad, scrambled eggs, potato puffs, portobello mushrooms with pork + chicken gourmet sausages), Spam Fries (spam fries with homemade basil + mustard sauce)…

Impossible burger with Criss Cut Fries Singapore.

Impossible burger with Criss-Cut Fries.

…Garlic Soy Wings (fried mid-section wings in Korean-style garlic & soy glaze), Truffle Salmon Cold Pasta (angel hair pasta in truffle oil with ebiko and smoked salmon), as well as Ultimate Mac & Cheese (macaroni baked with chicken or salmon, broccoli, prawns in a cheddar & mozzarella sauce).

The Tiramisu Hero – Dessert Cafe in Singapore
121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207548
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

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