The Water Sommelier – Vichy Catalan Water in Singapore

The Water Sommelier, a great place to buy Vichy Catalan water in Singapore, has a vending machine outlet located within Downtown Gallery (6A Shenton Way).

Founded by Sam Wu in 2019, the company specially sources and curates the finest and most outstanding water brands from around the world and imports them into Singapore.

Currently, they are a distributor for three iconic brands: Harrogate Spring Water (UK), Vichy Catalan (Spain), and Hildon Natural Mineral Water (UK).

Harrogate Spring Water - The Water Sommelier.

Of these, Harrogate Spring Water is sourced from an underground aquifer in the heart of Harrogate Pinewoods, a protected catchment area famously known as the birthplace of ‘The English Spa’ – and home of British bottled water.

The Harrogate Spring Water bottle, meanwhile, features an award-winning design that has been inspired by the amazing architecture of Britain’s oldest spa town, Harrogate.

Vichy Catalan Water in Singapore - The Water Sommelier.

Vichy Catalan water, on the other hand, sourced from a spring (discovered in 1881) in Caldes de Malavella, is today the most iconic and loved sparkling natural mineral water from Spain.

The naturally sparkling water has a high mineral content and appreciated for its world-renowned taste and health benefits (containing 27 of the 34 essential and trace minerals required by the human body), which is why it is widely utilised in the world of gastronomy to bring both flavor and personality to countless recipes.

Hildon Natural Mineral Water - The Water Sommelier.

Finally, Hildon Natural Mineral Water is bottled directly at the source on the Hildon Estate, which is a protected, 160-acre area within the famous Test Valley in the heart of Hampshire, UK.

As the water has been filtered through seven layers of bedrock 140 metres deep over a period of 50 years, it has an untreated pure, clean flavour – just as nature intended.

Due to these features, Hildon water is the preferred choice at to the most demanding gastronomical tastings and events, such as at Harrods, The Royal Opera House, and The Caviar House.

The Water Sommelier - Vichy Catalan Water in Singapore.

Beyond the premium waters, The Water Sommelier also conducts water tasting courses –  from signature 3-hour crash course to Private Tastings to Corporate Water Tasting seminars – and a Water Sommelier Certification programme that has been accredited by Doemens Academy.

The Water Sommelier Downtown Gallery – Vichy Catalan Water in Singapore
6A Shenton Way, #01-41 (Vending Machine), Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068807
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm

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