Three Cups Coffee Co. Cafe in Singapore (CLOSED)

Three Cups Coffee Co. cafe operates within One Raffles Place shopping centre in Singapore, at 1 Raffles Place. (UPDATE 2020: THE OUTLET HAS CLOSED)

At the cafe, you’ll find a selection of specialty coffees, comfort foods, brunchies, delicious bakes, and home baked cakes that have been inspired by both local and international flavours.

Three Cups Coffee Co. cafe One Raffles Place shopping centre Singapore.

The main range of beans used in the cafe’s coffees comes from Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia, but they occasionally feature coffee beans from many other different regions & roasters to try out.

If you’re working at an office near the One Raffles Place shopping centre, you can also order the coffee, sandwiches, pastries, and cakes delivered. You can check out the delivery menu at the official Three Cups Coffee Co. website (

Among their additional services are Coffee Appreciation Classes.

These are 1.5 hour sensorial coffee appreciation classes, where you’ll get a chance to learn more about coffee: coffee history, brewing methods, coffee tasting, and hands on experience with brewing your own cup of exquisite coffee.

Three Cups Coffee Co. (UPDATE 2020: THE SHOP HAS CLOSED)
1 Raffles Place, #04-31, 4/F, One Raffles Place Shopping Mall
Singapore 048616
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm

Three Cups Coffee Co. has an official Facebook page, located at

Following the Facebook page, you’ll stay updated on the cafe’s latest promotions, new menu items, upcoming coffee appreciation classes and other events, and other news related to the outlet at One Raffles Place Shopping Mall, Singapore.