Trung Nguyen Coffee – Vietnamese Cafe in Singapore

You can find Trung Nguyen Coffee Vietnamese cafe in Singapore from within International Plaza (10 Anson Road).

The cafe offers a selection of Vietnamese coffees, recognized by coffee connoisseurs as among the best in the world.

Vietnamese coffees are a taste experience on their own, especially renowned for bold tastes, exquisite flavours, and captivating aromas.

Trung Nguyen Coffee - Vietnamese Cafe in Singapore.

The fine coffee menu ranges from espressos to iced espressos, ice blended coffees, and swirls.

You can also try out the traditional drip coffee variety, which is specially prepared to perfectly capture the quintessential Vietnamese coffee taste.

Trung Nguyen coffee Singapore.

The Trung Nguyen Coffee company, which provides the coffees for the cafe, has a bestselling product, Legend Coffee, that is produced by an enzyme treatment process that is developed exclusively by the brand.

Legend Coffee, which is often described as rich and complex with a whole spectrum of unique flavours, is favourite among kings, royalties, and everyday people alike.

Trung Nguyen Coffee by Cafe De Saigon
10 Anson Road, #01-31, International Plaza
Singapore 079903

The cafe has an official Facebook page available at

Following the Facebook channel, you’ll learn more about the range of coffees, promotions, and other news related to the outlet.