Ultimate Performance Singapore – Personal Trainer Gym

Ultimate Performance Singapore, a great 6,000 sq feet personal trainer gym, Asia’s largest private personal training facility, is located within Manulife Tower, at 8 Cross Street.

Founded by Nick Mitchell in May 2009 in London (UK), the fitness centre chain offers a team of world’s leading personal trainers and customised one-to-one personal training programs.

The company’s approach is based on a ‘maximum results, minimum time‘ model – transforming your body and giving you the tools to maintain lifelong health.

Ultimate Performance Singapore - Personal Trainer Gym.

In getting to know the company, you should check out their amazing Client Results stories for your specific age range, which include timeframes in how quickly the transformation was achieved.

Even though the results are based on individual circumstances and none of the timeframes for the results are guaranteed, using the personal training gym, all you have to bring with you is motivation and willingness to stick to their fitness plan, which has worked for so many clients before.

Personal Trainer Gym in Singapore - Ultimate Performance Singapore.

To start with Ultimate Performance Singapore, you should book an initial consultation, where, based on assessment, the personal trainers will design a tailored body transformation training program that is unique to you.

Information gathered during the consultation covers the overall physical assessments & body composition stats, so that the plan takes into account any pre-existing or potential structural / muscular imbalances, addressing any potential weaknesses head on with a modern sports science program design.

Personal Training Gym in Singapore.

After the assessment, you’ll be following a 12-week plan / program of body transformation (fat loss, gaining muscle, improved health) that is designed to evolve as your fitness level and conditioning improves.

Part of this transformation, beyond just workouts, is a full bespoke diet and nutrition plan, created during your first session using a questionnaire, which asks all they need to know about your diet history and lifestyle.

Private Training in Singapore - Ultimate Performance Singapore.

This customised diet plan will cover everything you’ll need, but most of their clients can also benefit from a small amount of nutritional supplements to fuel their transformation. You’ll receive a list of recommended supplements if there are any gaps in your nutrition.

When the plan is in progress and the workouts start, the progression will be monitored by the personal trainers via daily emails and constant feedback from you, with small changes made to the plan along the way, as and when needed, for best results over the 12 week period.

Fitness Centre in Singapore.

Beyond aesthetic physical transformation, among the results clients are achieving over the three month program include improved confidence & self-esteem, elevated overall fitness, and better focus.

Quantifiable results, meanwhile, are also reflected in improved health markers from BMI to blood pressure and cholesterol, which are sometimes the most transformative improvements.

One of the best ways to monitor your unique progress is to take weekly photographs, where you can visually see the muscular changes you are making.

All of the personal trainers at the gym are highly skilled professionals, who look at the entirely confidential (images you see on the official website represent those clients who want to act as inspiration for others and are happy to share) pictures from a completely professional point of view.

Gym in Singapore.

Noticing the subtle changes week-to-week in your body, they will help the trainer to make sure you are moving in the right direction – with the 12-week before and after photographs showing the entire, often dramatic, change.

The Ultimate Performance Singapore gym has a wide mix of international and local personal trainers, all trained according to the company’s original methodology by Nick Mitchell.

Moreover, amongst several European hires, the fitness center has Chris Richards, one of the most experienced Personal Trainers in London, who relocated to Singapore to head up the team.

Beyond Singapore, the company has 20 locations in 10 countries and 4 continents available, meaning there’s no need to stop training just because you’re travelling.

Ultimate Performance Singapore – Personal Trainer Gym
8 Cross Street, Ground Floor, Manulife Tower
Singapore 048424
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-10pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday 9am-3pm

As a transparent personal trainer gym, Ultimate Performance Singapore communicates with their clients using various channels and social media profiles, including their official Facebook page at facebook.com/singaporepersonaltrainers/.

Additionally, you can even directly interact with the company’s founder, Nick Mitchell, on Twitter, and there’s an official, active Personal Training Forum that allows you to have real and positive dialogue about health and fitness.