Unagiya Ichinoji – Japanese Unagi Restaurant in Singapore

Unagiya Ichinoji, a top Japanese unagi restaurant in Singapore, is located within Robertson Quay neighbourhood, at 30 Robertson Quay.

The 34-seater restaurant, open to customers since April 2018, offers charcoal grilled unagi (freshwater eel) meals in different styles: Hitsumabushi (the outlet’s signature style), Una Jyu, and more.

In addition to different traditional renditions of unagi, you can also choose from a range of other grilled seafood dishes.

Unagi Hitsumabushi - Unagi Restaurant Singapore.

For unagi meals, you can pair the dishes with two special homemade unagi sauces.

Unagiya Ichinoji Sharing Platter - Unagi Restaurant Singapore.

The Japanese unagi sauce is made with a higher shoyu content for a saltier and more robust taste. Singapore unagi sauce, on the other hand, is specially tailored for locals, and features sweeter notes.

Unajyu Half - Unagi Meal.

If you select the signature dish, unagi hitsumabushi, you’ll get to enjoy Nagoya style freshwater eel that has been grilled to perfection with a crisp skin and tender interior, served on rice and with dashi soup.

Other Japanese food menu highlights include Unagi Wagyu Beef Jyu (Tokyo style grilled eel and wagyu beef on rice), Grilled Squid (charcoal grilled Hokkaido squid), Deep-Fried Prawn (deep fried breaded shrimps), as well as Teriyaki Salmon (charcoal grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce).

Unagiya Ichinoji Robertson Quay – Unagi Restaurant in Singapore
30 Robertson Quay, #01-05, Riverside Village Residences
Singapore 238251
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-3pm, 5:30pm-10pm

As a popular Japanese unagi restaurant in Singapore, Unagiya Ichinoji keeps in touch with their customer base via social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/Unagiyaichinoji/.

Following the Facebook page, you’ll receive updates related to, for example, seasonal menu items, special promotions & deals, events, and much more.