Vive Active – Reformer Pilates Studio in Singapore

Vive Active, a good reformer pilates studio in Singapore, operates within Tanglin Mall (163 Tanglin Road).

Founded by entrepreneur John Keats and nutrition expert Louise Keats in 2017 in Sydney, Australia, and in Singapore since September 2022, the company offers fitness classes that combine reformer Pilates with the best principles of strength training.

The group classes have been designed to be the ultimate results-driven workouts that are as addictive as they are effective – whether you’re after strength, better flexibility, or a fat-burning HIIT session.

Vive Active Tanglin - Reformer Pilates Studio in Singapore.

Part of the pilates studio experience are state-of-the-art lighting, mirrored ceilings, award-winning design, and epic beats pumping through a premium sound system.

In Singapore, you can choose from three types of 50 minute workouts: Vive Circuit, Vive Stretch, and Vive Combat.

Of these, Vive Total is the signature all-in-one class, combining strength, endurance, and stretch in a full-body conditioning workout for every level.

Vive Stretch, meanwhile, has flexibility and control are at the core of the workouts. The classes draw from pilates and yoga, where the deep stretch poses aim to improve mobility and flexibility, while also building strength, help prevent injury, and reduce stress.

The Vive Combat classes, the most demanding of the three types, are a 50/50 split between the reformer and floor. With 4 to 6 rounds, the bootcamp class uses heavier weights and tougher springs for improved strength.

Vive Active – Reformer Pilates Studio in Singapore
163 Tanglin Road, #02-121, Tanglin Mall
Singapore 247933
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday 7:30am-2pm, Sunday 8am-2pm

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There is also an official Instagram channel available at that is updated with details about the classes, promotional offers, and more.