Wan Li Book Store in Singapore (CLOSED)

Wan Li Book bookshop is located within Singapore’s People’s Park Centre, at 101 Upper Cross Street. (UPDATE 2021: THE STORE HAS CLOSED)

Started in 1973 and under new management from October 2011, Wan Li Book Co. offers an excellent range of books at reasonable prices.

Wan Li Book Co. bookstore at People's Park Centre in Singapore.

The bookstore also has one of the largest selections of Feng Shui LUO PAN compasses and Feng Shui software, as well as books on Chinese metaphysics, astrology, martial arts, Taoism, and Buddhism.

Visiting the bookstore, additional services include servicing of your used luopan and ordering of Chinese metaphysics books that are hard to find in the marketplace.

Wan Li Book Co. selection covers an extensive collection of around 80,000 quality titles, being the only bookstore that sells complete titles of Feng Shui books from international authors.

101 Upper Cross Street, #B1-43, People’s Park Centre
Singapore 058357

The best place to learn more about Wan Li Book Co. is their official website, at www.wanlibook.com.

While at the official website, you can also read details about the bookstore’s range of books and services.