Wheat – Baking Supply Store in Singapore

Wheat, a great baking supply store in Singapore, is located within Serangoon district, at 77 Serangoon Garden Way.

Created by Co-Operate Associates Pte Ltd (originally known as Sin Chew Bakery Association) in December 2020, the store aims to meet the growing needs of home bakers in Singapore.

The retail store offers the finest baking supplies, a selection of more than 100 different products at the same level of quality and expertise that the company supplies baking ingredients to the regions bakeries.

Wheat Singapore - Baking Supply Store in Singapore.

Visiting the baking supply shop, you can buy baking ingredients (butter / margarine, powder / seasoning, sugar / milk / sweetener, chocolate, cheese, filling / topping, yeast, whipping cream, flavour essence / colouring, wholesale products), as well as baking tools & containers and baking ingredient kits.

Baking Supply Store in Singapore - Wheat.

Examples from the range of products include such highlights as Taiwanese Blue Jacket Whole Wheat Flour, You Yee Pineapple Paste, German Ammerlander Salted Butter, Australian Sungold Cream Cheese, 3KG Nutella Tub, and Pineapple Tart Ingredient Kit.

Wheat – Baking Supply Store in Singapore
77 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555973
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-8pm

To learn more about Wheat baking supply store in Singapore, the best way is to keep an eye on their official social media channels, like Facebook at facebook.com/Wheat1993/.

There is also an official Instagram page available, located in turn at instagram.com/wheatsg1993/ and updated with promotions, events, and more.