Wheel Angel – Custom Bicycle Wheels in Singapore

Wheel Angel, a good workshop to buy custom bicycle wheels in Singapore, is located within Toa Payoh district, at 1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park.

Founded by Andy Goh in 2015, the company specialises in custom hand-build bicycle wheels that optimise riding performance.

Behind the workshop is a philosophy that ride quality can only be as good as the choice of wheels fitted, where improved performance means more than simply weight reduction.

Wheel Angel - Custom Bicycle Wheels in Singapore.

To this end, the process of delivering optimised set of personalised wheels begins with an understanding of your needs, in order to select the most suitable parts to be built into a pair of wheels you will love.

Wheel building experience for the workshop covers commuting riders, tourers, tandem bikes, mountain bikes, roadies, gravel riders, triathlons, Ironman, and many more.

In each of these disciplines, there is a requirement of proper selection of components involved, where in-depth details are considered for the choice of rims, spokes & hubs.

Custom Bicycle Wheels in Singapore - Wheel Angel.

To achieve the most rewarding ride experience, the right components combined with a proper wheel building process are needed to achieve the full potential of your bike and your efforts.

For the wheel-building process, the bicycle workshop uses Enve, Chris King, White Industries, Industry Nine, Onyx, Venn, Sapim & UCI Approved rims.

At their workshop, the company provides the highest quality wheel building and servicing services with an extensive range of tools and parts, including a variety of specialized equipment that sets them apart from other wheel builders.

More specifically, the company’s workshop has five additional tools key tools: Wheel Lacing Jig, Centrimaster ERD Measuring Gauge, Kowa Spoke Cutter, Spoke Tension Calibrator, and Wheel Stiffness Test Jig.

1. Wheel Lacing Jig

Wheel Angel’s wheel lacing jig is a tool that makes it easier to build wheels. It helps to prevent scratches on the rims and ensures that the hub is centered properly. This makes it easier for the wheel builders to choose the right spoke lengths and build a more accurate and efficient wheel.

In simpler terms, a wheel lacing jig is a tool that helps to hold the wheel parts in place while the wheel is being built. This makes it easier to put the spokes in the right places and to make sure that the wheel is built correctly. Without a wheel lacing jig, it can be more difficult to build a wheel accurately and efficiently.

2. Centrimaster ERD Measuring Gauge

Spoke length is important because it determines how strong and durable your wheelset is. If the spoke length is too short, the wheel will be weak and may break. If the spoke length is too long, the spokes won’t be able to be tightened enough, and the wheel will be wobbly.

The company uses a special tool called a Centrimaster ERD Measuring Gauge at their workshop to measure the Effective Rim Diameter (ERD). The ERD is the distance across the rim, and it’s used to determine the correct spoke length.

The ERD can vary depending on the make and model of the rim. If the builders don’t measure the ERD accurately, the spoke length will be wrong, and the wheel will be weak / wobbly.

Wheel Angel calibrates their Centrimaster ERD Measuring Gauge regularly to make sure that it’s accurate. This ensures that they always use the correct spoke length when building your wheels.

3. Kowa Spoke Cutter – Custom Bicycle Wheels in Singapore

The Kowa Spoke Cutter is a special tool that lets the company cut spokes very precisely. They have a large stock of blank spokes, which the builders can cut and thread to the exact length you need.

This careful process makes sure that each spoke is finished neatly, resulting in a wheelset that is both durable and reliable. Although this step may take longer, they believe that the investment in quality is worth it, resulting in a superior wheelset that will improve your riding experience.

4. Spoke Tension Calibrator

It is not uncommon for spoke tension meters to give different readings, even when they are expensive. This is because they can be calibrated differently, and they can be damaged or lose accuracy over time.

At the company’s workshop, Wheel Angel uses a spoke tension calibrator to regularly calibrate the spoke tension meters. This ensures that they are always accurate, so that they can build wheels with the correct spoke tension.

Correct spoke tension is important because it makes the wheels stronger and more durable. It also helps to keep the wheels true (round).

5. Wheel Stiffness Test Jig

Wheel stiffness is how much a wheel bends when force is applied to it from the side. This is important because a stiffer wheel will be more durable and perform better.

It is difficult to measure wheel stiffness accurately, but the company has developed a special tool that helps them to do this. The tool applies a specific amount of force to the edge of a wheel and measures how much the wheel bends. The lower the deflection reading, the stiffer the wheel.

This tool allows the builders to objectively measure the stiffness of wheels and ensure that each customer receives the highest quality products possible.

Wheel Angel – Custom Bicycle Wheels in Singapore
1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, #02-1463
Singapore 319074

To learn more about Wheel Angel and their service for custom bicycle wheels in Singapore, you can follow the official Facebook page at facebook.com/wheelangel/.

There is also an official Instagram account available at instagram.com/wheelangel/ that is updated with details about recent customer projects, media coverage, and more.