White Space Art Asia – Art Gallery in Singapore

White Space Art Asia art gallery in Singapore operates within Bukit Merah district, at 1H Yong Siak Street.

The gallery was created in 1984 to discover and promote new artists that stand the test of time.

Specialisation for the gallery is with Chinese ink, having first-hand experience of the evolving direction of this art form in Asia.

White Space Art Asia - Art Gallery in Singapore.

Overall, the philosophy is grounded in the belief that fine art starts with artists who have a strong fundamental grounding in technique and a compelling story to tell, resulting in art that engages the viewer’s intellect and touches the heart.

Also, art displayed at the art gallery does not exist in a vacuum and the art they select always has a cultural context, as contemporary art is not about a particular style but about an understanding of today’s burning issues, angst and obsessions.

White Space Art Asia – Art Gallery in Singapore
1H Yong Siak Street
Singapore 168641
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-7pm

The official White Space Art Asia Facebook brand page is located at facebook.com/whitespaceartasia/.

You can also follow their official Instagram account at instagram.com/whitespaceartasia/ to stay up-to-date on the latest art additions, events, and more.