Wondrous Mind – Maths & Science Tutoring in Singapore

Wondrous Mind, offering maths & science tutoring in Singapore, operates within Bukit Timah Plaza shopping centre (1 Jalan Anak Bukit).

The company offers classes that aim to support children’s interest in learning maths & science via engaging them with hands-on activities that help them understand the potential gaps between theory and practice.

During the tutoring, the approach used by the education centre helps students develop useful experimental skills and techniques for identifying aims, coming up with conclusions, and understanding scientific data.

Wondrous Mind Singapore - Maths & Science Tutoring in Singapore.

More specifically, Wondrous Mind uses a specific method for answering open-ended scientific questions titled C.E.R (Claim, Evidence and Reasoning), as well as shortcut tools for remembering things easier like mindmaps and acronyms.

Materials used and curriculum followed by the education centre are current to the latest MOE syllabus, plus a lot of time and effort has been put to craft the materials to be exam-orientated and up to date with the current examination trends.

To meet parents’ high expectations, the company has regular checkpoints, which are a means to assess your child’s understanding of the scientific concepts and answering techniques.

Maths & Science Tutoring in Singapore - Wondrous Mind.

Additionally, if there is need for it, consultation classes may be arranged by teachers for weaker students outside of regular class time to help them brush up on the subject.

In terms of science tutoring, you can enroll your child for Primary 3 – 6 and Secondary 1 & 2 classes, while the classes for maths tutoring are available for Primary 2-6 and Secondary 1-3.

Wondrous Mind – Maths & Science Tutoring in Singapore
1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #01-01Q, Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore 588996
Opening Hours: Monday 2:30pm-5pm, Tuesday 2:30pm-8pm, Wednesday 3:30pm-8pm, Thursday-Friday 4pm-8:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm

Wondrous Mind keeps in touch with their students and potential students via several social media channels, like Facebook at facebook.com/wondrousmind/.

There is also an official Instagram page that you can follow, located in turn at instagram.com/wondrousmindeducation/.