Yuan Cha – Taiwanese Tea Shop in Singapore

Yuan Cha Taiwanese tea shop in Singapore operates within Far East Plaza shopping centre (14 Scotts Road).

Founded in 2016, the company delivers quality tea experiences through careful sourcing from the best plantations in Asia and attention to detail when it comes to brewing.

Their menu features Basic Tea Series, Fruit Vinegar Series, and Milk Tea Series of drinks to choose from.

Yuan Cha Taiwanese Tea Shop in Singapore - Far East Plaza.

Of these, the Basic Tea Series includes specially selected black tea, green tea, oolong tea, alisan tea, puer tea, as well as tie guan yin tea.

Bubble Tea in Singapore.

The red oolong (hong shui oolong) tea at the chain’s tea outlets is specially prepared by Sheng Sheng Tea House, Taizhong, Taiwan, using the traditional method in making oolong tea.

Yuan Cha Far East Plaza – Taiwanese Tea Shop in Singapore
14 Scotts Road, #01-39, Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-8pm

As a destination Taiwanese tea shop in Singapore, Yuan Cha keeps in touch with their customer base using social media channels, including Facebook at facebook.com/yuancha.singapore/.

You can also follow the company’s official Instagram account, which in turn is located at instagram.com/yuanchasingapore/.